North Park Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

This place rocks! Big, clean facility. Very welcoming instructors. I highly recommend North Park Jiu-Jitsu to beginners and seasoned athletes alike!!!

Jackson Kincheloe

Very well maintained gym with friendly staff and training partners! I dropped in once while in San Diego for work and hope to become a regular visitor!

Kurt Lu

I moved down to San Diego from the Bay Area about a year and a half ago and was lucky enough to find North Park BJJ. I had been training for a while and North Park BJJ welcomed me with open arms. The instruction is second to none and the gym has a very healthy culture. People (not just the instructors) are always there to help with technique, drilling, etc. Also, there's a decent amount of world class guest instructors/seminars.

Kyle Barrett

Great place to train Instructor Tama is very knowledgeable and funny. Laid back atmosphere and very cool friendly people. I travel a lot from the east coast to west and been to several different gyms. Hands will come back for another visit when in town! Thanks Guys and Gals for having me.

Richard Cardenas

Phenomenal Atmosphere ✊🏽 I Tried out a few gyms since moving to the area ,By far, this is the best one. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging.

Kodi Neal

My 2 boys train at North Park. Great place, great coaches. Highly recommend it, Paulette and Michael are great Jiu Jitsu coaches!

Emanuel Ivan Cerda Luna

My son has gone to these classes for six months and we are so happy we foud them! All of the jiu-jitsu coaches have been amazing and have such positive attitudes. I had a hard time finding a sport that my son liked but because of the environment here at North Park Jiu Jitsu, he loves it! It's all about learning and having fun. There's no pressure to compete, although kids can if they want to. We'll definitely continue with classes here.

Melissa T.

Ive been coming to classes for about a month now and as a brand new beginner i have really appreciated how welcoming and nice everyone has been from the instructors to the fellow newbies to the more experienced students. Loving it and will continue to train here.

Travis C.

I'll start by saying that I just finished my second class ever so I can only speak for newbies. Everyone here is so friendly and welcomed me immediately. It was nice to be able to try a free class the first night and it definitely inspired me to return. Johnny was the instructor tonight and he was very patient working with both an advanced group and also with my fellow beginners. I'll also say that I was WAY too over-zealous when Johnny was trying to show me kimura submissions and he handled my mistake very graciously. Definitely excited to continue to train (slowly- don't be like Jill) and continue to learn. Can't say enough nice things about this place so far and would recommend to anyone thinking about starting. Now to see how I feel tomorrow......

Jillian W

When I first started jiu jitsu and was looking for an academy to sign up with, there were a few questions I had to ask myself before taking the plunge. #1 was the place clean? #2, how were the instructor and how did they carry themselves? #3, how welcoming was the staff AND the students?

This place passed with flying colors.

The facility is beautiful. It's freshly painted with new mats which get sanitized regularly. After any given class you're more than likely to see someone take to sweeping and mopping. The lighting isn't that of a dingy dojo but is lit up by the sun due to their large front windows during the day and more than adequate lighting at night. It's never too hot nor too cold and you won't find this place feeling of any kind of jiu jitsu "funk".

The instructors are top notch including long time black belts and world class competitors. The instructors all respect their students and their craft. They make sure to pay attention to the details in what they are teaching. Coaches and professors constantly check to make sure you understand not only the technique but why it works and it what situation it's most applicable.

Lastly, all the professors, coaches and staff are extremely kind and helpful. They care about the community they are in and often throw events for the students, kids and parents. They truly care about the North Park BJJ family. The students mirror this respect and kindness. Everyone here is welcoming and more than willing to help you out if they can.

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