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Yvonne Ricardo
via Google

I highly recommend North Park Jiu Jitsu. There is no doubt that you’ll receive top-level instruction here. The instructors are knowledgeable and continually seek to learn new techniques and teaching methods from top Jiu Jitsu practitioners around the world. The gym culture is another plus. NPJJ promotes values such as work ethic, humility, inclusivity, among many others. NPJJ supports its students in achieving their BJJ goals, whether it be winning competitions or simply learning the art. To top it off, NPJJ has an amazing women’s program. The program is lead by Ms. Paulete Cusi who is a seasoned and accomplished competitor herself. She shows a wide variety of moves and assists women in acquiring the confidence to achieve their full potential. The growing group of women are awesome people to train with whom I am proud to call my friends.

Morrison Steel
via Google

North Park Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has unquestionably changed my life. As someone who started training karate at age 5, martial arts are an important part of my identity, but it was always a dream to train Jiu-Jitsu. I got a lot more than Jiu-Jitsu though, since joining North Park BJJ in August of 2019. I found a new family and lifelong friends. As a timid white belt, Professors Mike and Jim fostered a fun and welcoming environment that made Jiu-Jitsu accessible and exciting. They took a genuine interest in my personal development and invested a great deal of time on and off the mats to guide and inspire me. Receiving my blue belt and representing North Park at a competition were two of my most rewarding and meaningful experiences to date. I could not be more grateful to be a member of the North Park family and could not possibly provide a stronger recommendation to anyone interested in self-defense, martial arts, camaraderie, self-actualization, or just having the most fun they’ve had in their life.

Jackson Gage
via Google

North Park jiujitsu has the perfect vibe that I am looking for in a BJJ school. When you walk in you feel at home and relaxed. I’m a 42 year old retired police officer, I’m not looking for a militant school where everyone is trying to kill each other. I just want a place where the vibe is good, the people are passionate about jiujitsu, and everybody is there to learn and to help each other grow, and that is north park BJJ. The head professor Mike Cusi is a phenomenal teacher, a wealth of knowledge and his love for jiujitsu and teaching is very apparent. All of the professors at the school are great teachers and a reflection of the vibe that Mike brings to the table. If you’re looking for personal growth, an excellent workout, a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by good people and jiujitsu that matches the Southern California lifestyle, then north park jiujitsu is your school. I highly recommend this place.

Chelsey S.
via Yelp

This gym is special! Wanna know why? It's because of the people. I'm newish to San Diego and a few months ago I was looking to get into something where I could find community and do it while moving my body. I googled BJJ randomly one day and found this gym through yelp. I signed up for my free intro class and had a blast! That day, I signed up for a membership which, not gonna lie, I was kind of wary about (liking spending a lot of money in something I wouldn't keep up with) but all doubts and concerns went out the window with every positive interaction I had at the gym. My brain loves feeling challenged and every time I go to roll at north park bjj, I feel like I'm learning something new and progressing in my bjj. In addition to the quality of instruction, I really appreciate how welcoming the professors and other students make you feel. As a spazzy white belt, I've accidentally poked people in the eye or kneed them in a sensitive place a few times now and yet teachers and students have been patient with me and have helped me with my learning journey.

And special shoutout to Paulete who organizes womxn only seminars with guest black belts and other also leads her own. She really has done a lot to make the gym a welcoming and supportive place for womxn. She also organized a group text for us so that we can coordinate who is going to what practice so that we have other lady friends to roll with. In short, she's super hot fyah and I love her.

So come!! Join the north park bjj fam! I hope to see you on the mat.

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